Hey Zoobsters!

Last month we gave you a tough challenge: Design a 3D Skin for Jade the Tiger. This needed to be a complete skin, ready to be implemented in-game, following the same design guidelines our Zooba Art team is using!

We were utterly mind-blown by the exceptional reception of this contest, with over 70 skins submitted and 29 finalists that managed to reach the Voting Phase!

With a cash prize of $3000 USD, there could only be one winner. Today we are excited to announce that…

“Steampunk Jade by Rob Araujo”

This will be the first 100% Community-Made Skin we implement in our game, and we could not be more excited! We’ll be in touch shortly with you, Rob, so keep an eye on your email!

Below is the comment of our Art Director:
Our big winner! We love the theme, as we can easily see Jade being the protagonist in a Steampunk series. Also, the artist did a great job with the technical aspects, modelling and texturing. Great job!



Did we already tell you how mind-blown we were by your submissions? Yes? Well, allow us to say that again, you rock!

So much that we could not leave some of you empty-handed, so we decided that all the finalists in this blog post will get a Black Crate! We will be in touch to collect your PlayerID through the email address you provided, so keep an eye on that. 


“Valkyrie Jade” by DragonHF

Hey DragonHF, we knew you wouldn’t have missed this for anything in the world! And your submission left us speechless! To see your submission from last year becoming a reality was incredible.

Comment from our Art Director:
Valkyries are an amazing theme: strong, fierce warrior women! Who doesn’t like that? Nice colours and attention to detail!


“Slumber Party jade” By SaoriCih

This one is just too adorable, and it made us go “Awww” the first moment we saw it!

Comment from our Art Director:
I have to admit I have a very soft spot for cute skins. And this one definitely gave us CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Especially the nice soft eye mask, cool design!


“Roman Jade” by @AbelLaurie.Art


Can we take a moment also to appreciate all the dedication to making that presentation? The particles, the background, everything! Just wow!

Comment from our Art Director:

If Zooba was happening in ancient times, Jade would totally apply to be in the Spartan army. She loves the shininess on that golden helmet. Well done, Zoobster!


“Marathon Jade” by HuntersDaddy


We love sports games. This skin makes us think of how great a mashup with Tennis Clash would be!


Comment from our Art Director:

Tigers are not usually long-distance runners, but Jade has figured it out! She’ll run a little bit, claw and bite the runners beside her for a while. Wait for the cooldown, and off she goes again! Good job, the gold medals were a nice touch!

“Lucky Jade” @TheSaharaBunny

This gets absolutely a special mention, being the top voted skin of all! With a total of 6800+ Likes!
Huge Congrats @TheSaharaBunny!

Comment from our Art Director:
Who doesn’t want a cute kitty that brings good fortune? I know I want one! We love the good luck charm reference. The cool money VFX also helped sell the idea! Thank you for the lucky submission!

That’s it for this time!
We had so much fun going through your submissions, and we feel humbled by such a passionate and loving community. If you enjoyed this contest, keep an eye out for future opportunities, this might be the beginning of something more


– The Zooba Community Team