Hey Zoobsters,
We want to remind everyone that any and all forms of APK’s, hacks, and exploits will result in a ban from the game. These are all in violation of our game rules and give unfair advantages to players, creating an uneven playing atmosphere. 

We are currently aware of some discrepancies with some players in the top of the leaderboards and our team is currently investigating before we pursue any further action on these offenders. Our team is doing everything they can right now to ensure we do not unfairly ban any players that are in the top. This is a delicate and complicated matter and we will update you once we know more.


As a reminder the following actions are grounds for a ban or in some cases suspension of an account:


What will get you banned


  • Using any form of exploit, including but not limited to any bug or glitch that occurs in-game to your advantage.
  • Modified versions of the game, also known as modded APKs, that override what should be allowed and what players are able to do. These are usually applied to characters and their abilities. 
  • Any form of altered gameplay (damage hacks, shooting in water, shooting while flying, etc).
  • Any overlays that are not officially supported by Zooba. 


For more information on Zooba’s Fair Play Policy please click here. If you come across someone in the game that you believe is using a hack please go to our Discord #cheat-and-hack-report channel and report this player. Our team will take care of the rest!

Thank you and see you at the Zoo!