Hello, Challengers,

Per the recent discussion on our social media channels about our Wildcards program and reports on win-trading and account sharing, we wanted to clarify a few things.

Some of you may not be familiar with our VIP program called “Wildcards” which is available to specific players and grants them access to sneak previews of upcoming features (artwork, details on features, etc). These previews do not provide full details on a new feature and are only sent within a couple of days of the full release being sent to all players.

There is no intention for Wildcard players to gain a tactical advantage in regards to these previews, but we hear the feedback in regards to this and it will be reviewed for the future.

Membership of Wildcards is by invitation only, Unfortunately, it is not possible to register for this.

In regards to cheating/suspension of accounts: any action taken on cheat reports is based on our tools and logs only. It doesn’t matter who sent the report or where from, the action we take is based on the evidence we establish with our tools.

Any player/account/Club mentioned that is suspended or banned is a result of the evidence we find in regards to win-trading or account sharing. If an account has not been suspended, they either have not been in violation of our Code of Conduct, or we do not have sufficient evidence at this time, but no account is exempt and if we have evidence that they are in violation – action will be taken on the account.

As always, we welcome your reports of suspicious activity and you can report this using our in-game support feature.