Hello, Challengers!

A new patch has arrived with a new string, changes to the Stamina Shield, updated artwork, various Club fixes, and more! Let’s get to it!

Stamina Shield

We believe the Stamina Shield in its previous version was stronger than intended, as a result, we’ve made an adjustment to the way this power-up works and now the Shield will recover from rally to rally at the same pace as the rest of your stamina, rather than at a higher one. We believe this change will ensure a fairer and more balanced gameplay experience for players and create exciting new tactical challenges!

Volley Counter/King Cord

We have heard your feedback about the fact that Tennis Clash has strings with Forehand Counter and Backhand Counter power, but a Volley Counter power is absent – making the volley technique overpowered. Not anymore! Volley Counter is finally here: it will give you the exact same precision bonus as Forehand and Backhand Counter, the only difference being that it has a 50% likelihood to trigger every time you return a volley, so it is still feasible for a volleyer to beat someone with a Volley Counter string, as it is for a baseliner to beat someone with a Forehand or Backhand Counter.

That is awesome, but how can I get a string with Volley Counter?

We present to you the King Cord! This new string will always be available in the store. Its power set-up will be Volley Counter, Long Catch Level 2, and Critical Level 1, and its unit cost will be 130 gems. You may take a sneak peek at it below 🙂

More strings with Volley Counter and different power set-ups are also coming soon. Stay tuned for more information in the future about this! 😉

Artwork Revamp

We have reworked the artwork for Shoes, Rackets, Grips, and Wristbands to make their design more cohesive.

Resolved Issues

– Fixed an issue where certain Clubs did not have an owner
– Fixed an issue where the game would not allow you to play a friendly match if you had no strings left
– Fixed an issue where some Clubs were not appearing in the League ranking
– Corrected the scoring on the Bullseye Challenge
– The Text “Player Lineup” did not appear in certain languages

If you can’t see the update, please first try clearing your device’s cache and then search for Tennis Clash directly from the store!

See you on the court!