Hello, Challengers!

The holiday season is upon us!

It’s now been a week since the new Maxed Card Exchange feature was implemented and we have received some amazing feedback in regard to it. Hopefully, you’ve been able to put this feature to good use so far!

We will continue to improve the experience of Tennis Clash and look to add new features in 2021, but we’ve got some updates to get through before the year ends.


We have made some updates to the way that replays work since we believe they should more accurately represent the match played.

Any replay with inaccuracies you have sent to us previously has been invaluable in helping us make improvements to this feature. By all means, if you continue to spot anything in a match that does not look correct in the replay, feel free to report this to us.

New Tournament

We will have more details about this in the following days. Stay tuned!


Many have asked about the Clubs feature we recently added a tab for on the main menu. We had intended to have this released before Christmas, but we have made the decision to hold off implementing this feature till the new year to ensure that it is fully operational. We hope to provide further updates in early 2021.

Resolved Issues

– Fixed a crashing issue that would occur when signing in with Apple ID

And that’s it! Thank you for your continuing support and we’ll see you on the court! o/