Hello, Challengers!

Patch 2.16 has arrived with improvements to Clubs, Replays, and additional quality of life improvements. Let’s get to it!

Clubs v2

Club Search
Additional search filters have been added to make searching for a specific Club easier. You will now be able to search for Clubs using the additional filters:

  • Club Language
  • Minimum Trophies required
  • Club Type (Open or Request)
  • Show only Clubs with friends

Club Management
A minimum trophy requirement option has been added.

Club Chat
There are now options to report players using toxic language or any language that violates our code of conduct. You also have the option to mute and unmute other Club members.

Emojis have also been added for use in the Club chat!

Event Tab
The event tab UI has had a visual update.


Additional improvements have been made to replays to make them more accurate to the actual match. Please continue to send any bug reports on replay inaccuracies!

You can now switch the camera to your opponent’s side of the court to see your own gameplay from your opponent’s perspective!

A share button is now available within the replay to use, along with a pause button to pause the replay at any point.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the game would crash after a replay.
  • Fixed an issue where special text characters were missing.
  • Fixed some visual issues that could occur in the Events tab.
  • Various localization errors.

That’s all for now!