Hello, Challengers!

The update you’ve been waiting for is finally here!

Maxed out cards exchange

You are now able to exchange your maxed out cards for non maxed out cards!

Whenever you have a certain amount of Maxed Out cards, a new section will become available in the Shop where you can trade the exceeding units of that card for new ones.

You will be able to trade your Maxed Out Card with most exceeding cards according to the options below:

The minimum amount of exceeding maxed cards on a single item to trade-in:

6 Epic cards
60 Rare cards
600 Common cards

You can choose to receive one of the 3 options below:

3 Epic cards
30 rare cards
300 common cards

You can trade-in your cards once every 48 hours. You can get additional exchanges by spending gems up to 3 times in every 48-hour period.

We have a cool video showcasing how the feature works, so check it out!

Volley on High Bounce balls

On this patch, we also changed how High Bounce balls are considered. Previously they were considered as a Smash using a Volley stat; after some consideration and analysis on how different lineups were being affected by this, we decided to change it so that they’ll now consider your Forehand stat for it.

See you on the court! o/