Hello, Challengers!

This update brings a new feature to Club Slam and a plethora of bug fixes!

Double Slam Points Booster

Double Slam Point Boosters are an exciting new way for you to earn more Slam Points during the Club Slam event!

Before the start of a Club Slam match, you will see a new toggle switch available. If you have boosters available, you can turn this switch on and earn double Slam Points! If you do not have any boosters available, you will not be able to turn this switch on.

The boosters inventory can be found on this screen before the start of a Club Slam match.

Boosters will not be available to use if there is a Double Slam Point Event running that day.

To celebrate this launch, everybody will receive free boosters; be sure to participate in the next Club Slam event so you don’t miss out!

Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue where the glow around bags shows up more than once in the pop-up at the end of the Bullseye challenge
– Fixed several issues where UI elements would overlap in the store
– Fixed an issue where high shots are always sent back by the coach in the training mode
– Fixed an issue where tournament replays shared in the chat would show as “Tour 0”
– Fixed an issue where the Turkish currency symbol was broken in offers
– Fixed an issue in the friend request and friend list view where characters in Chinese, Japanese and Korean script were either invisible or truncated
– Fixed an issue where the Portuguese option is duplicated in the language settings
– Fixed an issue where playing a court with the flag showing 0 SP would still earn you the SP of that court

That’s all for now. See you on the court! o/