Hello, Challengers!


We hope you had a very happy new year!

We’ve got a number of big updates to talk through so let’s not waste any time!



The Clubs feature is now live! This feature will allow you to create or join a Club – allowing you to interact with players from all over the world – and with additional benefits!

Please note you have to have reached level 3 to unlock this feature.

Within Clubs you will be able to do the following:

    • Create your own Club, including the name, description, badge, language, along with being able to approve or deny applications to your Club.
    • Chat and engage with your community.
    • You will be able to help fellow Club members speed up the opening of their bags. Help your Club reach the top of the Club League rankings!


Creating a Club

Any player that has unlocked the Clubs feature can create a Club and define the Club’s rules and details as below:


Club Name – Set on creation and non-editable. Creating a Club will cost Gems, so choose the Club name wisely!


Club Description – Editable by Club Owner.


* Keep in mind that abusive/offensive names and/or descriptions will not be tolerated.


Badge – Editable by Club Owner.


Language – Editable by Club Owner; selected from a predefined list of regions.


Club Rules – Editable by Club Owner; choose between “Allow Application” to be able to approve/deny new applications and “Auto Approve” to allow any members to join automatically.


The Club Owner is the only one capable of kicking members out of the Club.

If the Owner leaves the Club, the oldest member will automatically be chosen as the new Club Owner.

If there are no members left, the Club will be automatically deleted.

Joining a Club

To join a Club you need to first find one that you like!

Inside the Clubs screen, you can see a list of recommended Clubs to join, and you can also search for a specific Club by name or code.

Taping on the Club name will open the Club Info pop-up, from where you can send a request to join.

You should be able to apply for multiple Clubs but will only join the first one to accept your request.

Club Owners are responsible for approving or denying your application to a Club.

Club chat

If you are part of a Club you will be able to join the Club Chat within the Social tab.

While using the chat, keep in mind that we do not tolerate any kind of abusive/offensive behavior.

Wildlife Studios reserves the right to take all needed measures in case of any misconduct with any of the practices in our Terms of Service.

This includes but is not limited to: temporary game suspension, permanent game account closure, revoked in-game currency or items; all without prior notice.

Please refer to our “Fair Play and Safety in Tennis Clash” for more information regarding this.

Cheering Up Bags

All members of a Club can request help from other members to Cheer Up their Bags in order to open them earlier!

Within the Club Chat you will be able to tap on “Cheer Up Bag” on the bottom of the screen to request help from other members.

The Club members can “Cheer Up” for you to help accelerate the bag opening. Each Cheer Up received will decrease the amount of time needed to open a bag.

You can also help other Club members by Cheering Up for them. Just tap on the button “Cheer Up Requests” at the top corner of the chat screen to see all requests made by Club members.

What are the Club Leagues and how do they work?

Club Leagues are seasonal rankings that can grant rewards to all Club Members at the end of each season, similarly to our Individual Leagues!

All Clubs will be randomly divided into brackets, and Clubs inside the same bracket will compete against each other for the best-ranking position. The ranking will be based on the Total Amount of Coins Earned during the season.

For more information on the Club League please refer to our FAQ

Stats Revamp

We want players to be able to make meaningful comparisons between different stats, which was not fully possible in our previous system, mainly because agility numbers were much higher than the other stats throughout all levels. For this reason, we have slightly changed the character/item progression for each stat, so players are better informed about how good their stats are in comparison to each other.

It is important to reinforce that this change has no effect on gameplay – even if you observe that your total power has changed, if you were previously able to hit the ball/run with a given speed before the change, this speed will remain exactly the same.

Deck building improvements

We received feedback from a few players that it was difficult to manage character/items to play in matches with a level cap, since they were not able to track how every item change impacted their stats in lower levels.

We have solved this problem so you will now be able to simulate the level caps within the lineup tab and freely explore how you should build the best deck for each cap!

Pro Pass Chests Revamp

We have made a slight change to bags in Pro Pass to behave similarly to bags obtained in tours. You will need to have at least 10% of the trophies for that tour in order to obtain a bag at the tier of that tour in the Pro Pass.

For example, if you unlock Tour 7 but stay at 0 trophies – you will continue to receive Tour 6 bags.


We have an algorithm that adjusts our matchmaking on a regular basis, looking for the balance between highly competitive matches and low waiting times. We continue to monitor and review matchmaking data and your feedback to improve this experience.

We apologize for the inconvenience if anyone has experienced a delay during matchmaking over the past few days, but we are confident the adjustments we are making in regards to this will help to make everyone’s experience better in the long term.

That’s all for now! We look forward to seeing you and your new clubs on the court!