Hello, Challengers!

We are delighted to announce that the Lucky Can Machine has officially launched!

What is the Lucky Can Machine? It is an exciting new feature that gives you daily chances to win prizes away from the court! What prizes can you win? Anything that you can find in-game! Coins, Gems, Outfits, Strings, Items, and Character cards are available to obtain.

Players have one free entry per day, but you can play multiple times per day for a Gem fee.

When you enter the Lucky Can Machine, you will find one of 4 cards to pick from – 3 of them will contain a prize that will proceed you to the next level, but 1 will hold a broken racket. If you are unlucky enough to encounter a broken racket, all is not lost! You can spend some Gems to continue playing and ensure you leave with your rewards.

When you have decided you’re ready to collect your rewards, simply tap on the Leave button to exit Lucky Can Machine and take your new items with you! Please remember to collect your rewards before leaving the game so you don’t lose anything!

Every 5 levels there will be a bonus jackpot level, which will have special prizes and free of broken rackets! If you make it to level 25 you will find a super jackpot level with even greater rewards (and again, no nasty broken rackets!)

We look forward to seeing your earned rewards on our social media channels!

*You need to have reached Tour 2 to unlock this feature.