Hello, Challengers!

We want all our playstyles to feel like viable options on the court, as this is what creates true, genuine competition and a more enjoyable and rewardable experience for players!

In our efforts to reach these goals we are increasing the max level of Tier 2 cards (the ones which currently have a max level of 13) to 15 and will turn Zeus and Tactical Grip into epic cards.

As a result of this, we will be adjusting the current player stocks of Zeus and Tactical Grip.

  • If players do not have enough cards to reach the current max level (13):

the proportion of cards players need to reach the next level will be the same (e.g. if a player had 300 cards and needed 400 to upgrade, and now they need 40 to upgrade the epic cards, the 300 common cards will be swapped for 30 epic cards);

  • If players have already reached the current max level, or have enough cards to do so:

their surplus stock will be divided by 100, which is the ratio of the maxed card exchange.

We will also adjust the level cap to reflect these changes, please refer to the table below for these changes:

In-game placement Current level cap New level cap
Tour 8 13 14
Tour 9 13 15
Rookie Tournament 5 6
Junior Tournament 7 9
Challenger Tournament 9 12
Master Tournament 13 15

The changes for the above (including the adjustment of your Zeus and Tactical Grip stock) will take effect after the first round of the Roland Garros qualifiers ends on April 25th at 17:15 UTC.

We believe these changes will create a more enjoyable experience on the court for players and we look forward to seeing your exciting matches going forward! As always, we appreciate your feedback and suggestions to help us make Tennis Clash the best Tennis game on mobile!