Hello Challengers!

We have some exciting news as Tennis Clash has partnered once again with the Billie Jean King Cup!

To celebrate this partnership we will be hosting a special themed Tournament next week!

If you’ve participated in any of our previous tournaments you should have an idea of how it will operate:


    • Entering the tournament will be free to all players


    • Players need to complete the tutorial and have Tour 2 unlocked in order to participate in the tournament


    • All players that reach the finals will win a prize; the higher the tier you play in the better the prize!


    • 10 points to win a match


    • There will be 10 matches in the Qualifying round, 20 in the Final round). The point balance is used as a tiebreaker


    • Qualifying will be between November 4th – November 6th


    • The Top 50% in each bracket will advance to the Final round between November 6th – November 8th


    • There will also be a cool new arena to showcase your skills!


And remember! The real-life Billie Jean King Cup, the World Cup of Tennis, will be happening in Prague from Nov 1st-6th

Don’t forget to check out the Billie Jean King Cup on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and to keep up with the latest tennis trends and news and also our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles for more Tennis Clash!

See you on the court! o/