Hello, Suspects, and welcome to the first official Suspects: Mystery Mansion Development Roadmap! Today, we’ll be taking time out of our schedule of collecting groceries, straightening paintings and fixing lights to solve the all-important mystery of… “What’s next!?”


Our team has been hard at work creating some great additions to the game for the remainder of May and June — including new roles, game modes and a brand new map.

First and foremost, we’re excited to announce two new roles: Mayor and Detective!


As a Mayor, you’ll have to navigate the political landscape of the Suspects Mansion extra carefully, as your vote will count for more than those of other guests. They’ll be relying on your political acumen for important decisions, so be careful who you pick when it comes time to cast your vote.


Detectives will have the unique ability to see player footprints and travel via the Suspects Mansion trapdoors. If you’re a Detective, you’ll want to use these abilities to build a case against who you feel is the killer — and make sure innocent guests stay in the game. And the best news? The Detective role is live now! 


Also on the way is our newest game mode Poisoner! Killers will be tasked with poisoning all the mansion guests. But with reduced movement, delayed death and proximity chat enabled, both guests and poisoners alike will need to play tactically to come out victorious.


Now comes the time to address the elephant in the room…

Say hello to Suspects: Mystery Mansion’s newest character: Frank!


This loveable hulk is taking time away from the Zoo to join us in the Suspects Mansion, and we couldn’t be more excited! Don’t be fooled by his friendly demeanor, Frank’s ready to put his thinking cap on and solve some mysteries alongside the rest of his friends. So keep an eye on our Store to find out when you can make him a part of your character roster.


Also on the horizon is our brand new Legendary Midas Skin. If you’re the type of person who likes to show off your skin bling to friends, then this one’s for you. Everything you touch will turn to gold, quite literally… In addition to making your character solid twenty-four karat gold, you’ll get a whole new set of special kill animations which take the “Midas touch” to a whole new level. 


Last but not least, let’s talk about New Maps! 


We know you’ve all been having a great time in the Suspects Mansion, but it’s time to take the mystery to a brand new location. Where? Well, that’s a secret for now… We’re still busy making everything pretty and preparing for your arrival. But, we can tell you it’s coming around the same time as Season Two, which means next season you’ll be competing in a brand new location, with brand new tasks and mechanics to boot! 


We can’t wait to share more information with you, so make sure you stay tuned to our social channels for all the important news and updates.