Hey Suspects!


It’s the weekend, so you know what that means! That’s right, new update!
Version 0.10.0 is here, and we have many new things being added, so check it out!


  • New Game Mode
    • ChitChat
      • Voice chat is enabled when near other players around the mansion! 


  • New Role
    • Inspector
      • Now you can inspect other players and see if there are traces of blood in them! 
      • You must be close to another player for a few seconds to be able to inspect them.
      • If you find traces of blood, then well, I think we all know who the killer is!


  • New Features
    • Role Tickets
      • You can now purchase role tickets to guarantee a specific role!
      • The ticket must be used while in the game lobby.
      • If a player uses it before you do and pick the role you want, you can’t use yours. Gotta go fast! 



    • Hybrid Chat
      • Voice and Text chat will now always be available. You no longer have to pick one before playing a game.


    • Account Recovery
      • You can now save and restore your progress by linking your account to Facebook or Apple.
      • New save options will be added in the future.


    • Friend List: Additional Friends features were added to make it easier to add friends.
    • Social Media: You can now find our Social Media channels by clicking on the main screen’s Social Media button.


Phew, I guess that’s all! Now all that’s left to do is play and see everything for yourself!


Make sure to follow our official channels for all the latest news! And join our Discord Server to find players to play with!


See you at the Mansion!