Version 3.0 is almost here and it’s packed with exciting content to celebrate Sky Warriors’ 1st Anniversary! It’ll be available starting this Friday, you can find all the details below on everything that’s happening with this update so you can prepare for what’s coming.



  • 5 New Decals
  • 3 New Patterns
  • 2 New Skins
    • F-18 – Sky Wings
    • Mig-23 – Do or Die
  • 10 Legacy Skins
  • New 7-day Reward Calendar (starts on October 4)



  • Bloody Squadron War 
    • Prepare for October 7!
  • Supply Rush
    • A new time-limited event related to chests, stay tuned!
  • Update on Consumable Items
    • Missiles, Enhancements, and Countermeasures were improved. Now there are tiers for them as well, so gameplay will feel different and combat strategies will change as you progress!
    • Pilots will now be able to upgrade the tier of these items.
    • Current Missiles, Enhancements, and Countermeasures owned before this update will be converted to the tier of the highest tier aircraft pilots own now.
    • With this change, the power of these items will scale with each tier, therefore there’s been an adjustment to prices as well to match the new power and keep the game balanced.



  • Squadron Fixes
    • Fixed squadron members count visual issue
  • Dolby Atmos (audio)
    • Added Dolby Atmos support, so if your device supports it will be automatically enabled (better spatial experience wearing earbuds/headphones)
    • Only iOS for now, but the Android update is coming soon
  • Chat Mute
    • Added support for muting players
    • Added support for unmuting all players
  • New main menu music


That’s it for this update, pilots! Thank you for your amazing support during this 1st year, we hope you enjoy it and if you wish to share your thoughts on this update or on anything else, please join our channels and talk to us!