Version 2.14.0 has been spotted and you can check the patch notes to be ready for the changes before the command center clears it for launch.

All right! Buckle up, and get ready!


Tier 6 is finally here!

  • 3 New aircrafts
    • SU-30 MKI
    • JAS 39 Gripen
    • F-35 Lightning II

  • 3 New paint jobs
    • Malachite SU-30
    • Aquamarine Gripen
    • Ruby F-35

  • 3 New missiles
    • Astra: Jams the enemy’s radar, making them unable to lock on their missiles for a few seconds
    • Barrage: Fires 4 missiles in a row
    • Long Range: Can lock on and follow target from far away


To celebrate the release of Tier 6, we’ll have an event starting on August 1st until August 14th.

  • Login and check your inbox for free rewards
  • 3 New temporary event decals 
    • Upgraded
    • V.6
    • Eagle’s Eye

  • 1 New temporary exclusive pattern

  • Jet offers to tier up


  • Show purchase limit in the store. E.g. ‘owned: 50/100’
  • Add legendary rarity
    • A new legendary rarity to consumables
    • A new legendary rarity to loot boxes
    • Diamond chests will include guaranteed legendary items
    • Items of any rarity have a small chance of upgrading to Legendary when opening loot
  • Tweaked networking parameters in an attempt to improve disconnection issues. We will keep monitoring the situation and work on improvements.
  • Added paint jobs tier 4
    • Adds a 5% permanent bonus to mobility and thrust along with the 10% bonus in armor and firepower that tier 3 paint jobs already gives.
    • Temporary: it’s a unique opportunity to acquire them.
  • Speed status change to Thrust: this correlates with both maximum speed and acceleration prowess. This will also improve the performance stability during matches
  • Added a new score breakdown view
  • In-game score feedback: immediate feedback shown about points earned in battle
  • HUD changes: reticles, button positioning, and missile names are now always visible
  • Added Battle Zone limit: Players that leave the battlefield have 10s to return to the action.
  • Aircraft display in player profile: now the aircraft currently selected by each player will be displayed

That’s it for this update, pilots! Thank you for your continued support and feedback, we greatly appreciate it whenever you share your concerns so we can keep working on providing a better experience for the entire community.

If you wish to share your thoughts on this update or on anything else, please join our channels and talk to us!