Hey Pilots,
Are you ready to tier up? If you are currently eligible to a new tier, you will find a special offer waiting for you, starting today (July 6, 00:00 UTC) and ending this Sunday (July 9, 23:59 UTC).
If you achieve eligibility during the period, the offer will appear to you, as well!
Players from Tiers 3 to 6 will be able to pick:
  • (Tier 3) F-14 with the Halloween Grade-5 Skin
  • (Tier 4) F-16 with Naval Air Force Grade-5 Skin
  • (Tier 5) Rafale with the D-Day Grade-5 Skin
  • (Tier 6) Gripen with the Midnight Spectre Grade-5 Skin
And, as a late 4th of July treat, Tier 7 will also be available, and you will have 3 options at different levels:
  • Su-47 with a Grade-2 Pattern
  • F-15 STOL with a Grade-2 Pattern
  • Tejas Mk2 with a Grade-4 Pattern
That’s it! We hope you liked the events from the last few days. We heard a lot of pilots asking for it and we are happy to bring it to you!
We hope you enjoy it and if you wish to share your thoughts on this update or on anything else, please join our channels and talk to us!