Version 2.9.0 for Sky Warriors is currently being deployed and should be available in your store shortly. 

Buckle up and get ready to take off for 2.9.0.



  • We’ve added static shadows that are cast by terrain and props and received by all objects.
  • We’ve added radial blur and field of view animations based on the aircraft speed. Radial blur is only enabled on “high” quality and is also optional.
  • Added camera look ahead when turning the jet, and the option to adjust its intensity. This option can be turned off in the game settings.



  • We revamped your main screen button layout
    • Combined Player Profile and Rank buttons
    • Moved the Community button next to the Chat button
    • Squadron button at the bottom 
  • We unified the aircraft store, upgrade store and customization store screens into a single view.
  • We revamped the attributes panel, and added aircraft archetypes, and comparisons between selected aircraft and currently displayed aircraft.

Thank you for all the helpful comments you have been sharing with us. Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated, join our channels and talk to us!


We wish you tailwinds and clear skies!