We are currently deploying version 2.6.0 for Sky Warriors. Please keep in mind that it might take a bit of time before the update is available for everyone. In this update, we are adding the Valentine’s Day event, changing the way missiles work and fixing some minor bugs.





Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, here is a special event only for you!…


We didn’t add decorations to the Hangar, we believe you deserve a better place than a hangar for your romantic dates…We reverted the Hangar and Splash screen to the normal ones instead!
Some would say it with flowers, but you will say it with high-speed flying, agile maneuvering and strong firepower. We added 3 special decals for the event. Show your enemies that love strikes fast!

  • Cupid wings: +33% Speed
  • Heartbreaker: +33% Maneuverability
  • Lovestruck + 33% Firepower               



Love is in the air… Literally! We added the Crimson Field a special Paint Job available for every plane and the Old School Rose, a Tier 3 Paint Job, exclusive to the Mirage 2000


…You are special to us, so we have special offers for you! Make sure to check your store for more details!





  • Fixed the battleship paths in the Desert map to solve situations where players are locked into the objective but the missile doesn’t follow.
  • We added a rarity property to all the consumables in the game. Consumables are now categorized from Common to Epic.
  • Since we added a rarity classification to the items you can obtain in a chest, we added a detailed breakdown of the contents available on each chest. You can check the contents available by clicking on the “more information” icon.


We also made some changes to how missiles work. Here is a complete Walkthrough of the changes by our Game Director:

“Hi, folks!

We heard a lot of feedback from you regarding the pacing of the game and how using missiles can be frustrating, as they are usually quite easy to evade. So we decided to make a few changes to how missiles work in Sky Warriors!

First of all, we are changing how missiles “see” their targets. Today missiles only see targets that are in a cone ahead of them, with blind spots very close to the missile. We will move this cone to the tail of the missile, eliminating the blind spots and making them more likely to stick to whoever they are chasing. We will also increase the turning rate of all missiles, which will further improve their chasing capabilities and make them less prone to missing without very hard evasive manoeuvres by the target, which is also more in line with how real-life missiles work.

We expect this change to make the match more dynamic, with everyone scoring more kills and also dying more times in each match. However, in the internal playtests we observed that this meant running out of lives too often, which isn’t an enjoyable experience. To address that, we are removing the number of lives of the matches! We believe this will let players take more chances and reward riskier playstyles.

Finally, to allow you to experiment with more missiles, we will reduce the prices of all types of special missiles.

I hope you all enjoy these changes, but please let us know how you feel after the update!”


Luiz “Paralus” Piccini – Sky Warrior’s Game Director.


Thank you for all the valuable feedback you have been sharing with us. Join our channels and talk to us! Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated in Sky Warriors. Join the conversation!

We wish you tailwinds and clear skies!