Version 2.4.0 is currently being released to your store. Aside from some graphic improvements and removing the Holiday event, we are introducing some changes that should mitigate the connectivity issues.


  • The battle button in Hangar now takes you directly to the Lobby. The Game Mode Selection screen only shows when pressing the game mode button in the Lobby.
  • Optimization changes to mitigate connectivity issues.
  • Now that the Holiday event has finished, we reverted the art of the game to its previous status. But don’t worry Pilots, we will continue to bring special events in the future!
    • Reverted to the normal Hangar
    • Reverted to the normal Splash Art
    • Reverted Island and Desert maps back to normal (No more snow)
    • Reverted to the normal soundtrack

As previously mentioned by our Game Director, the Sky Warrior’s team continues to focus on improving the game stability during this quarter. We keep monitoring the connectivity issues you have been reporting and carry on working towards its final resolution.

Thank you for all the valuable feedback you have been sharing with us. Join our channels and talk to us! Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated in Sky Warriors. We recently opened an official Discord server, join the conversation!

We wish you tailwinds and clear skies!