Get ready Pilots, 

Version 2.12.0 is cleared to land! 

We have some exciting new features this time, and we can’t wait to share them with you! The update will take a while to deploy, so don’t worry if you don’t have it just yet ⁠— be patient!

Alright, time to check out all the fantastic additions coming with this patch.



Daily Login Rewards

  • Claim a free reward every day you log in!
  • Make sure to log in at least once daily, so you don’t miss out on a reward! 
  • This feature will be available on July 1st.


Boosts & Speedups

  • We’re introducing items that can be consumed to grant you a special bonus for a limited amount of time!
    • Double Rewards: Doubles the battle rewards (experience and coins) for 30min/1h or 2h
    • Upgrade Speedup: Decreases upgrade delivery time by 30min/1h/2h/6h/12h or 24h
    • Chest Speedup: Decreases opening time for chests by 30min/1h/2h/6h/12h or 24h
    • Unlimited Energy: Allows you to play matches without consuming fuel for 30min/1h or 2h


Independence Day Event

  • New Pattern
  • 3 New Decals
  • Skins for FA-16 and FA-14


Other Updates

  • The automatic machine gun now works on targets even under the chaff effect.


Thank you for all the helpful comments you have been sharing with us. Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated, join our channels and talk to us!