Get ready Pilots, 

Version 2.10.0 for Sky Warriors is here, and there’s some important changes you’ll want to hear about! The update will take a while to deploy, so don’t worry if you don’t have it just yet ⁠— be patient!

So, time to buckle up… And prepare for take off!



  • Volcano Map added. 
    • Available for Payload and Skirmish Game Modes.
    • Added to official map rotation.
    • New Splash Screen Background.
  • Two Event Decals.
    • Lava Burst (33% Mobility).
    • Fire Dragon (33% Firepower).
  • New Pattern: Molten Rock.
  • New Skin: Erupting F-15.



  • We’ve made some changes to how much experience both Skirmish and Payload reward.
    • We noticed that the higher tier players are at, the more experience they get from Skirmish ⁠— but not from Payload.
    • We’ve adjusted the values for Kills, Kill Streaks and Objectives across both of the game modes to make this more balanced.



  • Bots are now capable of “looking down” to avoid hitting the ground.
  • Aircraft attributes panel will display a new button when in Upgrade or Aircraft tab.
    • This panel will show how much your aircraft attributes will be with all upgrades purchased and claimed. 
    • If you are looking at an aircraft different than the one you are currently equipped you will see a comparison between the current one at max against your equipped one at max.
  • Firepower Configuration Changed.
    • Don’t worry, nothing changed balance-wise! We just rearranged the values so players can see a more meaningful value on the aircraft stats panel.
  • War Contributions now also list players’ names that left the clan after contributing to the war, but with low opacity.


Thank you for all the helpful comments you have been sharing with us. Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated, join our channels and talk to us!