Hello Pilots,

Version 1.5.0 for Sky Warriors is now available to download from your store!

In this update, you will find a different battle screen and a new game mode: Skirmish!



  • We redesigned the battle screen to support different game modes and practice screens



Two teams of 3 players face off in direct dispute for the same objectives. There will be aerial targets (zeppelins) and naval ones (battleships). Destroying a target gives your team 1 point. But, more importantly, destroying enemies also gives you 1 point! This means that fighting each other will be more relevant here than in our traditional payload mode, which is all about the objectives. The first team to 10 points, or the team that is ahead when the 3 minutes of the battle are over, wins! And, in case the game is tied when the time is up, a barrage of missiles will target all planes while they keep fighting, the first death loses the game.

We hope you enjoy this new mode, as always, all feedback is welcome!



We applied new parameters to the system that determines the score which results in a general score reduction. This change was made in order to better balance the game and player progression. This score reduction applies to both game modes so the choice of game mode will not influence the potential scores you can achieve during Squadron Wars.

We understand that with this new system, reaching the best chest rewards during Squadron Wars is more difficult. We reworked the thresholds required to unlock chests in accordance with the new score system.

The new thresholds to unlock the best chest for your current Squadron league are as follows:

  • Bronze: 0
  • Silver: 30,000
  • Gold: 100,000
  • Platinum: 300, 000
  • Diamond: 1,000,000

Thank you for all the valuable feedback you have been sharing with us.  Join our channels and talk to us! Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated in Sky Warriors.


We wish you tailwinds and clear skies!