Hello Pilots!

We are happy to announce big changes in the game coming next week with the much anticipated 4.0.0 version! You’ve been asking and it’s finally here: Tier 7 is coming, together with a progression update in the game. You can either wait for the update to experience the changes, or, if you are curious, continue reading this post!

What’s New
  • 3 new aircrafts (Tier 7: F-15 STOL, Su-47 Berkut, Tejas Mk2)
  • Super match rewards
  • Power increase
  • Progression update (XP to change ranks)
  • Changes in consumables
New aircrafts

The sky’s the limit, so we picked 3 legendary prototypes for Tier 7 and prepared special versions for you. Below, we have images of the new aircrafts and a table with the starting stats for each new jet. Which one fits your playstyle?!

PS – Tier 7 is super strong, and the other tiers will be also rebalanced. More info on the “Power increase” section below.

Super Match Rewards

Progression in Sky Warriors is challenging, so we added an extra benefit to help on your journey: extra gold! Depending on your tier, you will gain more match rewards. Today, part of the match rewards are fixed at 1,000 gold. With the new update, this base value will increase depending on your maximum tier! See the example below for a Tier 6 player!

  (before)   (after) 

Power Increase

We are making aircrafts more powerful and fun to use. Base stats were increased across the board, and we are making upgrades better than they are today, and adjusting their costs. There are no more “negative” upgrades (the ones that increase one attribute but decrease another), only “positive” upgrades from now on! Thanks for the feedback on that!

We also want players to use their favorite aircrafts, so this rebalance will also make same tier aircrafts have similar power, and more powerful cross-tiers, so gameplay will be more varied, challenging, and fun!

Progression Update

We are changing the progression to be more controlled, allowing you to experience each Tier competitively. For this to happen, on top of the changes in power, we changed the XP requirements of some ranks, as shown in the table below.

With the update, depending on your aircrafts’ tiers, a few players will be migrated for a higher XP, while others will keep to their current XP but observe a drop in rank. This change aims to split our players better depending on your current aircraft. We wrote an example below regarding three players that have similar experience (260,000), but are in different tiers:

  • Current
    • Player A has a Tier 4 aircraft, and 260,000 XP, current rank is “Major 8”
    • Player B has a Tier 5 aircraft, and 260,000 XP, current rank is “Major 8”
    • Player C has a Tier 5 aircraft, and 330,000 XP, current rank is “Major 6”
  • New
    • Player A will continue with 260,000 XP, but rank will drop to “Captain 5”
    • Player B will advance to 400,000 XP and stay on rank “Major 8”
    • Player C will advance to 400,000 XP and drop to rank “Major 8”
Change in Consumables

A lot of changes!

  • Missiles will be made more powerful and accessible to some players
    • Epic and Legendary missiles will have discounted prices for Tiers 2+, while Common and Rare missiles will have increased prices;
    • Barrage and Tracking will become Rare missiles. Astra will become Common.
  • Similar to our consumables logic, Instant Respawn will change price depending on the maximum aircraft tier.
  • We want to make decals more accessible, so Rare, Epic, and Legendary Decals will become cheaper than what they are today, but shorter in duration.
    • We won’t be changing the attributes and duration of the Seasonal Decals you have on your Inventory now, but you will have until June 30th to use them with their current attributes. After this date, all items will be adjusted to the shorter duration.

That’s it for now, we are very excited to bring you this news and even more excited with Sky Warriors future. We are working hard to bring you the best experience with our game.

Your opinion is very important to us! If you want to be closer to us and to all the other pilots, join our Discord server and follow us on our Social Media!

Thank you for your support.
See you in the sky!