Hey Pilots,

We are happy to announce that Sky Conquest is now available to all Pilots! It is now your time to conquer territories and win awesome rewards!

Sky Conquest represents a daily opportunity of getting extra resources. Playing it consists in advancing through territories by picking cards.

On regular territories (blue cards), three of the cards hide a prize. If you pick one of them, it means that you conquered the territory and advanced to the next one. The prizes for each territory you conquered will be accumulated at the Loot bar at the bottom of the screen.

However, let’s remember it’s a dangerous mission! On regular territories (blue cards), one of them will represent a mercenary attack. If you face it, you can either abandon the mission leaving all accumulated rewards behind, or call for reinforcements if you wish to continue!

Through your mission, you will find a few Supply Points. Those territories are safe from Mercenaries, and will grant better rewards:

As an important tip, you are allowed to leave anytime you want. If you are not willing to risk being attacked by mercenaries, you can leave with the rewards you accumulated so far.

As a last bit of advice, it is always important to know when to stop or when to keep going! Before calling for reinforcements, first check your loot and remember how close you are to the next Supply Point.

Sky Conquest is available now! All Pilots have one free entry everyday, and further tries can be purchased with Diamonds.

We hope you enjoy it and please, share your thoughts and feedback about this or any other subject on our channels.