Hey Pilots!

A new Paint Job Season is here and we have some awesome news regarding paint jobs today!

In this season you’ll have the opportunity to guarantee your favorite skin for 15% off, all Grade 3, 4, and 5 skins (what?!) will be available for purchase!

Also, we have a new legendary skin for F-15 STOL: Freedom

In addition, we are introducing exciting changes to all paint jobs. Rest assured, all changes are incremental over what you have, so we will explain everything in detail to you.

For context, we used to have 4 grades for paint jobs: Grades 1 and 2 for patterns (while Seasonal Patterns are also Grade 2), and Grades 3 and 4 for skins (Standard Skins plus Seasonal Skins at Grade 3, and Grade 4 exclusive to the Legendary Skins). We are making a few changes!


Seasonal Patterns / Standard Skins / Seasonal-Legendary Skins are now stronger!

As a summary:

  • No changes for solid color and geometric patterns (always available for all aircrafts)
  • All seasonal patterns (the ones we launch in events such as Stellar Shadow and Galactic Warriors) were upgraded to Grade 3. You will also notice that this item used to give only +7% armor: now it gives +10% armor in total and an additional +3% mobility!
  • The standard skins are always available for your aircraft (each aircraft has one), and were upgraded to Grade 4. Prices stayed the same, while it gives an extra +5% mobility!
  • Finally, the legendary skins are now Grade 5. Prices are the same as before, but instead of +5% mobility, it’s +10%!

As few examples to help clarify on the changes:

  • Stellar Shadow patterns or Galactic Warriors patterns are now Grade 3;
  • Su-30 Black Widow seasonal skin was Grade 3 and priced at 1,500. It was upgraded to Grade 5 (now a legendary skin) and it costs 3,500, just like the Midnight Spectre skin;
  • Tejas Mk2 Red Villain standard skin was upgraded from Grade 3 to Grade 4: price is the same, but it gives extra mobility now!
  • Tejas Mk2 Stellar Shadow T was already a legendary skin, but it was upgraded from Grade 4 to 5: price is the same, but it gives a higher mobility bonus.

Rest assured that no pattern or skin was downgraded with the change. We hope you like it! We believe it adds a little bit of variety (and style) to the skies.

Lastly, while those changes in power are here to stay, the Paint Job Season is limited and will end by June 21 00:00 UTC. Will you miss the chance to acquire the Grade 3, 4 or 5 skin you’ve always wanted? Check the list below, and remember to join our Discord



We hope you enjoy this special event and if you wish to share your thoughts on it or on anything else, please join our channels and talk to us!