Hello Pilots,

Community Manager Roulbox here, bringing you a new iteration of Mission Brief! Your news update for Sky Warriors!

I know that some of you have been experiencing connectivity issues, I have been sharing your feedback and your examples with our development team. As our Game Director has previously mentioned, our team is currently focused on finding a solution that would allow every one of you to play Sky Warriors in the best possible conditions. I understand that things are frustrating at the moment, but please bear with us, we will get through this.

A lot of exciting things happened in Sky Warriors over the last month, and believe me when I say, there are still a lot of exciting features to be added to the game!


December was a month of celebrations and we were very excited to bring you 4 brand new Tier 5 Planes!


Su-27 Flanker

One of the first-ever airplanes with Supermaneuverability capabilities, the Flanker is a plane that excels in close-combat dogfights. Choose this plane if you enjoy performing acrobatic aerial maneuvers to throw your opponents off their game and take them by surprise.

Dassault Rafale

The Rafale is the French alternative to the Typhoon. An all-around balanced aircraft that provides a way forward to doing “more” with “less” thanks to its versatility. Choose this plane if you want a Jack of all trades that can fit any role in a squad.

Eurofighter Typhoon

Thanks to its wing configuration, the EF2000 Typhoon is the fastest plane in Tier 5. Choose this plane if you want to swoop in and defeat your opponents before they even know what happened.

F/A-18 Hornet:

This plane can perform in Fighter and Attacker roles, its superior firepower makes this plane the perfect choice for players who want to destroy enemies before they even have a chance to react!

We are very happy to know that you liked the 4 planes, their design, their gameplay and their exclusive Paint Jobs…

…Speaking of which, we saw a lot of Rudolph F-18s delivering explosive presents over the snow-covered Island and Desert maps! The event released in December definitely enlightened the Holiday spirit!

Last but not least, we introduced Team Play, we can see that you enjoy joining battles with your friends and look forward to receiving more screenshots of teams participating in the Squadron Wars!

Moving on to January and as explained in the introduction of this blog, we are focusing more on improving the game. Bringing the smoothest experience possible to Sky Warriors is our focus for the first quarter of 2022!

We recently released 2.4.0 which brings some graphic and optimization enhancements to the game. We expect this update to mitigate the connectivity issues for some of the affected users while we continue to work on a general solution.

Aside from focusing on improving your experience, the Sky Warrior’s team continues to be hard at work to deliver you more and better content, new special events and a lot of things that I won’t be able to reveal just yet!

2022 will be a pivotal year for Sky Warriors! I recommend you to stay tuned to our Social Media channels, we have a lot of work in the pipeline and you don’t want to miss out on all the information we will be revealing very soon!

In the meantime, I invite you to join the conversation on our Discord server and I wish you tailwinds and clear skies!