Hey Pilots,
Are you ready to tier up? If you are currently eligible to a new tier, you will find a special offer waiting for you, starting today (August 03, 00:00 UTC) and ending this Sunday (August 06, 23:59 UTC).
If you achieve eligibility during the period, the offer will appear to you, as well!

Player from Tiers 2 to 6 will be able to pick (Jets + Skins):










Tier 2: Harrier + Golden Formation H Skin                   Tier 3: F-14 + Star Of America Skin 








Tier 4: Mirage + Old School Rose Skin                        Tier 5: F/A-18 + Naval Air Force Skin

 Tier 6: F-35 + Ruby Skin


*Tier 2 minimum XP requirement is 10,000 to receive the T2 Harrier Offer

That’s it! We hope you enjoy it and if you wish to share your thoughts on this update or on anything else, please join our channels and talk to us!