Hey Pilots,

We are happy to announce the beta release of Controller Support in Sky Warriors! If you have a controller, maybe it’s time to experience a different way to pilot your aircraft!

We believe playing with a controller is fun, both for players that are more used to console, as to players that want a little variability over how they play.

We’ll now show you how easy it is to enable your controller:

  1. First need to pair your bluetooth controller with your device, and then you can proceed to the SW’s Settings tab:

2. After that, you can enable your controller in the “controller supported” option:

There you go! You are now ready to use your controller.

Disclaimer: Controller Support is available for everyone but we consider it as a Beta release as not all controllers will work well. For now, we recommend playing with PS4 Dual Shock and Xbox Series S/X controllers.


That’s it! We are continuously improving Sky Warriors and we hope you like. Remember to join the discussion on our channels!