Wildlife Studios is committed towards providing a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all players, and we explicitly forbid in our games any content considered to be misleading or deceptive with serious risk of egregious harm, regardless of sharing intention. This includes misinformation that can cause real-world harm, such as anti-vaccination rhetoric, conspiracy theories and Covid-19 denialism. When an account is found to have posted misinformation, it will be subject to actions including but not limited to:

  • Temporary game suspensions
  • Permanent game account closure
  • User or Clan name changes
  • Revoked in-game currency or items

Misinformation pertaining to Vaccines

Do not post:

  • Content alleging that vaccines cause chronic side effects outside of the rare side effects that are recognized by official health authorities.
  • Content claiming that vaccines do not reduce transmission or contraction of disease.
  • Content misrepresenting the substances contained in vaccines.

Misinformation pertaining to Covid-19

Do not post:

  • Content that denies the existence of COVID-19.
  • Claims that approved COVID-19 tests cannot diagnose COVID-19, or that they are dangerous or cause negative physical health effects.
  • Content that promotes prevention methods for contraction that contradict local health authorities or WHO.
  • Content that encourages the use of home remedies, prayer, or rituals in place of medical treatment such as consulting a doctor or going to the hospital.
  • Content that promotes transmission of information that contradicts local health authorities or WHO.
  • Conspiracy theories surrounding Covid-19, including but not limited to blaming specific states or state bodies for the outbreak.

Misinformation pertaining to Democratic Elections or Election Results

Do not post:

  • Content aiming to mislead voters about the time, place, means, or eligibility requirements for voting, or false claims that could materially discourage voting.
  • Content that advances false claims related to the technical eligibility requirements for current political candidates and sitting elected government officials to serve in office. Eligibility requirements considered are based on applicable national law, and include age, citizenship, or vital status.
  • Content that advances false claims that widespread fraud, errors, or glitches changed the outcome of select past national elections, after final election results are officially certified.

Misinformation pertaining to Dangerous Procedures

Do not post:

  • Content that promotes unrecognised or unsafe medical procedures such as Conversion Therapy or Chelation Therapy for Autism treatment.
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