Hateful Content

Wildlife Studios is committed towards providing a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all players, and we don't tolerate any hateful behaviour or discrimination towards other players based on their protected characteristics. Players found to be posting content considered to be hateful will be subject to having actions taken against their account (without prior notice) including but not limited to:

  • Temporary game suspensions
    Permanent game account closure
  • User or Clan name changes
    Revoked in-game currency or items

Wildlife Studios also does not tolerate any content that constitutes the praise, support or representation of terrorist entities including but not limited to terrorist individuals, organisations or ideologies. Players found to be posting content considered to be terrorist content will be subject to: 

  • Permanent chat suspension
  • Permanent game account closure

Attacks against Protected Characteristics

Wildlife Studios defines Hateful Content as comments, usernames, Clan names or imagery that attack, dehumanise, threaten, incite or promote violence against an individual or a group on the basis of the following protected characteristics:

  • Race
  • Ethnicity
  • National Origin
  • Religious Affiliation
  • Ancestry
  • Caste
  • Sexual Orientation
  • Gender
  • Gender Identity
  • Serious Medical Condition
  • Disability
  • Immigration Status
  • Refugee Status

Do not post:

Hateful Content related to an individual or group’s protected characteristic that:

  • Incites, promotes or supports violence or harm against them.
  • Incites, promotes or supports hate crimes towards them.
  • Targets them with slurs which are inherently offensive and used as insulting labels.
  • Compares them to animals, inanimate objects or other non-human entities including but not limited to filth, disease, bacteria and feces.
  • Compares them to monsters or sub-human entities (fictional or non-fictional).
  • Claims that they are criminals of any kind or attempts to compare them to such.
  • Claims that they are physically, morally, mentally or generally inferior.
  • Expresses contempt, disgust or disapproval towards them.
  • Denies their existence.
  • Calls for their exclusion.
  • Curses at or directs vulgar language towards them.

Hateful Ideologies

Wildlife Studios recognises that there are certain ideologies and beliefs that are inherently tied to attempts to organise people around calls for hateful behaviour against others based on their protected characteristics. We therefore also take action against players who post content that supports such ideologies within our games.

Do not post:

  • Content that promotes, praises, supports or represents any hateful ideology.
  • Content that contains names, symbols, logos, flags, slogans, uniforms, gestures, salutes, illustrations, portraits, songs, music, lyrics, or other objects related to a hateful ideology.
  • Content that mocks or denies well-documented hate crimes that have taken place against a group under a protected characteristic.
  • Claims of supremacy over a group of people with reference to other protected characteristics.
  • Conspiracy theories used to justify hateful ideologies.
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