All About Pop-A-Barrel

Pop-a-Barrel is an exhilarating new mini-game inside of Tennis Clash! Here we will reveal everything you need to know; diving into all the details, including tips on how to play, and secrets on how to maximize your rewards. Get ready to break some barrels and collect incredible prizes along the way!


How do I play Pop-a-Barrel?

Hit barrels with strokes until they explode to earn valuable experience points (Xp) as you progress in the game and collect awesome rewards inside them.

But watch out for bombs; throw these into the “Safe Zones” to get more Xp, and to keep your progress and rewards. As you accumulate Xp, you move to new levels on the reward track, allowing you to play different layouts on the court with more opportunities to win better rewards


How do I enter to play?

To enter the Pop-a-Barrel mini game, you will need Pop Stamps to enter. Where do I get Pop Stamps?

Stamps can be found throughout the game, including:

  • Free Bags & Points Bags
  • Daily Challenges
  • Special Offers

Pop Stamps are available in the following bags:

-Free Bags (green bag that renews every 4 hours)

-Points/Victory Bags (collected from the season missions)

-Seasonal Bags 

Please note: All other bags DO NOT contain stamps- including bags won from matches.


Explore all areas of the game and don’t miss a chance to gather these valuable stamps for more entries to play.


Can Pop Stamps be saved for the next Pop-a-Barrel cycle?

Pop Stamps cannot be carried over to the next Pop-a Barrel cycle. You must use them during the current cycle or they will expire.


Before playing, keep this in mind:

  • Prepare your Lineup and prioritize Stamina

This affects your performance inside of the Pop-a-Barrel feature. You have the option to equip Energy Drinks for an extra boost

  • String Selection

The string you use during a session will be deducted from your inventory.

  • String Attributes

Counter string attributes are not effective inside of the feature. 


What do I win if I break a barrel?       



All barrels contain XP and prizes. The icon on top of the barrel will indicate the prize inside. If you successfully break the barrel, the prize will be yours to claim. Inside the barrels you can find gems, strings, cards, Energy Drinks, coins and more.

Barrels marked with “?” symbols have a mystery prize! Break it to find out what’s inside!


What is Xp?

Xp (experience points) gives you the ability to progress in levels on the reward track. The more XP you get, the more progress you will make as you advance in the reward track.


How do I collect Xp?


There are 3 ways to collect Xp:

  • Hit barrels with the ball
  • Break barrels
  • Throw bombs into the Safe Zone


What is the Xp Bar?



The Xp Bar is a progress bar. The more progress in Xp; the better the rewards will get, enabling  you to earn the Exclusive Boom Bag, the Pop Cord and more!

However, when the cycle is over, your Xp progression expires and is reset for each new Pop-a-Barrel cycle.


What is a Bomb?


This is another challenge inside of the Pop-a-Barrel feature. Occasionally a bomb will get thrown your way instead of a ball! It’s time to make a quick decision and strategize your moves wisely to maximize your gains. 

When you encounter a bomb, hit it to the Safe Zone to keep all your accumulated rewards & Xp.




Is the session time limited? 

Each session has a limited time, indicated by a timer inside of the feature, so hurry and hit as many barrels as you can!


How do I get more time? 

If you want more time, so you keep your session progress when its time is up, you can purchase Golden Clocks with gems. 


What are Golden Clocks and how do I get them?


Golden Clocks are offered after your session time is up. Golden clocks will extend the time of your current progression and allow you to accumulate more rewards and Xp in the session.

Golden Clocks give double Xp, so be sure to use them to boost your progress on the reward track!

That’s all folks!

Now that you have an overview of Pop-a-Barrel, it’s time to jump in and start playing! Aim for those barrels, break them with precision, collect as many rewards as possible. Keep an eye out for the bombs and progress in your Xp to get the most rewards!


Remember, your choices will impact your progress. And don’t forget to extend your session using Golden Clocks if you’re determined to keep the excitement going!  Now start poppin’!