Last year we asked every Zoobster to pitch their own skin ideas to us.
The response we got was incredible with over 3000 submissions and so many great designs that were so hard for our art team to pick only 3 main winners!

This year we decided to push things even further, and do things big! We are super excited to announce our first 3D Skin Modeling contest!
And yes, we understand, 3D Modeling is not that easy and takes a lot of time, for this reason, the winner will receive US$ 3000 and their skin in the game!

“What should we do and how do we even get started?”

We got you! Our art team has been working hard on some documentation for you to get started on your adventure into the magical world of 3D modelling!
It could also be an interesting way to understand how we make skins for your favourite Zoober!

Below are some useful links to read more about the topic and what is required from you to submit a skin!

  1. GUIDEHow to Make a Zooba Skin.
  2. ASSETSJade the Tiger.

The Challenge: Design the best skin for Jade, the tiger!

“That’s awesome, but how do I submit my skin?”

As soon as you have your skin ready, and you have double-checked that it respects our guidelines, please fill out the form below:


How do you select a winner?

Towards the end of the submission period, we will publish a form with every skin we have received.
Here everyone will be able to vote on their favourite ones.


We will keep adding new submissions as we receive them until the last minute of the voting phase, and frequently share updates with the community until a winner is chosen.

More importantly: no matter the number of votes received, the final decision of the winner is up to the Zooba team! Regardless of how highly voted it is.

“So what is the timeline of the event?”

Submissions Open: 25th of  February 
Voting Opens: 21st of March [CLICK HERE FOR THE VOTING FORM]
Submissions End: 27th of March at 23:59 UTC 
Voting Ends: 30th of March at 23:59 UTC

What rules should I keep in mind?”

– No limit on the number of skins anyone can Submit.
– The skin must be submitted in the supported format and follow our guidelines
– The skin must be designed by the participant and/or owned by them
– Nothing inappropriate, offensive, lewd or controversial that might go against our community guidelines.
– The contest has a minimum of 5 participants. If we don’t receive enough eligible entries to the contest we might take the hard decision to cancel it.

– 1x Winner: US$ 3000 and their skin in-game!

Full T&C are available here