Status Update – August 26

Status Update – August 26

Hey Zoobsters!


We are here to give you a status update on both Android Ads and the 2021 Roadmap! We will also be including an update on the bugs currently in-game, which ones are fixed and any more information we may have on these. 


Let’s take a look below!



First, we wanted to talk about the issue with ads not working for all Android Users. We have observed that having the ads active in our game was actually making the gaming experience significantly worse for a lot of our players with error messages appearing. As such we have decided to deactivate them until we find the proper solution. With these issues some iOS users may also face some issues in being able to view some ads. We will update you once we know more. 


In the following versions we will be testing many different configurations to be able to turn it on again. Every next version we will try to turn it on again, just for a small portion of users and see how it behaves. Until this issue is understood we cannot say 100% when this will be turned back on, but we will update you on our social channels once we know more. We know this is less than ideal for this portion of Zooba users and we are sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.



It has been some time since we released our 2021 roadmap. You can expect an updated version of this to be released very soon! We are already halfway through the roadmap plans, but there are still many exciting things in store for Zooba. We will be publishing this on all our social channels so make sure to keep an eye out!



Below you can find a list of the major bugs we currently have in-game, those fixed, and when fixes are expected:



Invincible Steve

  • Description: This bug involves Steve turning invincible and not being able to take any damage
  • Fix Date: Update 3.2.


Lizzy Egg Timer

  • Description: Egg timer for Lizzy is not resetting after placing 2+ eggs
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Primal Instincts Daily Deal

  • Description: Game crashes when buying Primal Instinct via daily deal
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Happy Treats Sound

  • Description: Happy Treats has no sound effect
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Pepper Speed Decreases 

  • Description: Pepper speed decreases with Primal unlocked
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Game Freezes on Trophy Road

  • Description: Game freezes after collecting a Character Token on Trophy Road
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Mini Upgrades Resulting in Connection Error

  • Description: Tapping multiple times on the purchase button in any of the mini upgrades popup is resulting in a connection error.
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Inflatable Muscle Item Description Wrong

  • Description: Inflatable Muscle bonus damage value does not reflect the item description.
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Inflatable Muscle Bonus Damage

  • Description: Inflatable Muscle is not applying bonus damage
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Arena Background Music Not Stopping

  • Description: Arena’s Background Music keeps playing in the summary screen after losing any match.
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Speed Not Reflecting Value of Attribute In-Game

  • Description: Speed, Ground Speed, and Water Speed don’t reflect the real value of the attribute in-game.
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Steps Sound Continue

  • Description: Steps sound effect loops even when the character is not moving
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.


Tooltip Not Changing With Weapon Attributes

  • Description: Changing Weapon Attributes does not change tooltip info
  • Fix Date: Update 3.1.




Symbol Appearing On Betsy

  • Description: Strange Symbol Appears on Betsy in Victory Screen
  • Expected Fix Date: Update 3.4 or 3.5


Player Screen Goes Blue

  • Description: Player screens go blue in the middle of playing after update 3.0. 
  • Expected Fix Date: Update 3.4 or 3.5


Upgrade One Item in Daily Missions

  • Description: When the upgrade item mission is displayed, if the player gets enough item tokens to upgrade one item, the mission is not completed successfully.
  • Expected Fix Date: Update 3.4 or 3.5
    • Workaround: The player needs to restart the game to change the mission’s status to complete and get the coins.


Incorrect content received from Legendary Crate

  • Description: If you try to accelerate the crate opening by using gems, the content of your legendary crate will be wrong.
  • Expected Fix Date: Update 3.4 or 3.5
    • Important: So far, our investigation points to the fact that you won’t be losing any gems for this kind of purchase. We are even trying to understand how this issue is triggered, since it seems like these legendary crates are not being purchased from the store according to our logs. The good news is: you’re not losing 1,500 gems if this ever happens to you. Just reopen your app and you’ll see that the gems value will correct itself.


Legendary Items Are Not Being Converted To Coins

  • Description: When you have a Legendary Item at max level, you should receive gold from a Live Event. Here you will be receiving tokens instead of gold. 
  • Expected Fix Date: Update 3.2/ 3.3


Yara Does Not Release Health Kits When Killed

  • Description: Yara does not release health kits when killed in the game.
  • Expected Fix Date: Update 3.4 or 3.5




Barrels Are Vibrating In Big Team Squads

  • Description: Barrels are vibrating when playing in big team squads.
  • Expected Fix Date: Investigation Pending


Game is Lagging/ Being Slow After Update 3.2

  • Description: Players have noticed an increased amount of lag in the game after the release of update 3.2.
  • Expected Fix Date: Investigation Pending
  • Further Information: All Android and iOS users have now been rolled back to update 3.1.1. This should appear as update 3.3 in your App Store.


Cluster Bomb Is Available To Yara When It Shouldn’t Be

  • Description: Yara does not use the bomb weapon and the cluster bomb item is appearing under her items. 
  • Expected Fix Date: Investigation Pending


Active Skill Is Replaced By Pepper’s

  • Description: If you have Pepper on your team the active button from Pepper can appear on your character and render you own character’s active unusable. This is happening to all characters. It happens often (not always) when someone plays with Pepper in your team.
  • Expected Fix Date: Investigation Pending


Duke’s Primal Instinct Sometimes Does Not Work

  • Description: Duke’s Primal Instinct roar does not go all the way around sometimes.
  • Expected Fix Date: Investigation Pending


Please note all of this is subject to change but will give you an estimate of when you can expect them to be fixed. If you are aware of a bug that is not listed here, it may not be listed here due to it being minor. 


Thank you and see you at the Zoo!