Hey Zoobsters!


We hope you are all doing amazing on this beautiful day at the Zoo! We are here to answer some of your submitted questions for our second Q&A! There were so many submissions and although we would love to answer all of them, we have selected the most interesting and informative questions that were sent in! If your question was not selected this time, do not worry as we will be hosting many more Q&A’s in the future!


And now, let’s get started!


Will the summer update come out/summer skins?

We know everyone has been super excited for the summer skins to come out and you can expect these to rollout over the next few weeks! This will bring a new summer skin plus bring back Backstroke Donna, Zoowatch Steve, Scuba Skippy, Mermaid Lizzy, and Summer Jade.


Who will be the next Zoober?

We can’t say exactly who the next Zoober will be, but we can give you a small teaser. 


Why doesn’t the first aid kit fall out after Yara’s killed?

This is a bug we are currently aware of and investigating. A fix for it is set to be released in update 3.3.


Why can’t I claim some of the Community Tab milestone rewards?

Our community tab milestones are only able to be collected if you had the game when that milestone was reached and unlocked. Any and all future milestone we reach you will be able to claim!


What is the first thing you thought of when creating Zooba?

We knew we wanted the players to be different animals! That was our first thought and from there we created the first prototype of the game!


When is the next ZooTalk?

We intend on releasing a new ZooTalk episode before Zooba’s birthday in October!


Where did the idea of Zooba come from?

We had been playing some mobile MOBA games and we wanted to mix that with the last man standing mechanic, but with a friendly cute look!


If a Zooba clan owner decides to leave/abandon the clan does the clan shut down and kick everyone or does the clan stay there without a owner?

If the owner leaves the clan, the new Clan Owner will be the official with oldest account creation date.


My friends got 100,000 coins after the 3.0 update but I did not receive it. Why is that?

The 100,000 coins that we given out after the 3.0 update were only given to players who had at least 1 character on level 10 or above at the time of the update!


Are there any fun things coming in 2021 or will we have to wait till 2022?

Of course we still have some exciting things planned! For 2021 we are still planning on releasing our events revamp, some other other exciting things, and of course new characters for you to play with!


When will you fix the points distribution system, some things like knockback aren’t working?

Our team is currently working on making some adjustments to the new system and this will include some changes to make the knockback ability more effective. We will post more on our social channels about this once we know more!


When is the Roller Skate Milo skin coming?

You can expect the Roller Skate Milo skin to be released before the end of September! We will update you if there are any changes to this date. 


Is there going to be any kind of tournament competition in Zooba?

We just held our first Zooba Summer Games tournament a few weeks ago where we challenged Zoobsters to submit videos of them completing different challenges. We are always thinking of new, engaging events for the community to participate in, so you can expect more events like this in the future!


Do you plan to do a fan character contest where the one you like the most is added to the game?

We may have something up our sleeve regarding this! Make sure to keep an eye on our social channels for any announcements. 


How long does it take you and the whole team to make and design a character?

Our time from first idea to the animal being ready for release is around 4 months, if everything goes well!


What type of shark is Finn?

Finn is more like the “archetypal” shark than any specific species. Although we just discovered the existence of Blue Sharks, and it fits him perfectly! So that would be our best guess!


How and when will events be revamped?

Events will be revamped in several steps, and the first one you can expect to be released by mid/end September. We don’t want to spoil too much, but we think you’ll enjoy it! We will update you if this intended date changes!


How long did it take for Zooba to go from an idea to actually being released publicly?

It took about a year and a half from the first prototype to the global release. And now we have been improving the game for almost two years! 


How many trophy’s do you need to get to Grand Master V?

Is there going to be more characters?

Yes of course! We already have a few new additions in different stages of production and we can’t wait for you to see them!


How many character designs do you go through to get the finished product?

The game designers start with an idea for that animal, but then we have to test to see if it’s fun to play! Usually we change them around a few times (I think 3 iterations is a ballpark) before we arrive at the final version. On the art side we have an “exploration” moment where the artist can just go crazy, and they usually present us with 5-8 visual options for that animal!


Do you think Zooba will be more popular over the years?

At Wildlife Studios we aspire to develop games that will be remembered by generations and for Zooba this couldn’t be more true! Zooba, with it’s unique characters and gameplay, we believe will thrive and continue growing over the next few years! Thank you for being on this journey with us so far!


What was your favorite character to make in Zooba?

We asked one of our Art Director’s Julia, and this was her response, “My personal favorite has to be Donna, because I was the one that drew her! She’s very special to me!”


Why can’t you put on items on your character, it does not let me on the newest update?

This is a bug we are currently experiencing. Our team is investigating, but for now there is the following workaround: when changing the item, ensure you tap the item’s name rather than the icon. This will allow you to switch the item!


Who does Shelly have a crush on?

Shelly has a crush on Larry, but shhhh make sure not to tell him!


What will be the next characters name?

We don’t want to reveal the next character’s name yet, but we will give you the first letter of their name, T!


Congrats if you made it all the way to the end, that was a long one! We loved seeing all of your submitted questions and we hope you learned some interesting things today from our second Q&A!


See you at the Zoo!