Hey there Zoobsters!


Love is in the air, and our Pheromone Essence item is returning! We have been reworking this item and we are excited to finally release it tomorrow and bring back the amazing power of the Pheromone Essence! Take a look below to learn more!


Video Showing Pheromone Essence!


Adjustments Made

In order to make the item more compatible with multiple playstyles, we removed the “attraction” effect of the item which favors mostly close-range characters. The item now deals ‘Stun’ on nearby enemies for a short duration, which is more versatile and deadly! Cooldown: 8 seconds



And that’s it, Zoobsters! This item will be released tomorrow and we can’t wait for everyone to try it out for themselves! Check out our Facebook Group and Discord Server to join the discussion with our community of players! 


See you at the Zoo!