Hey Zoobsters,


Along with the addition of a new character Level 18, today we launched our new League 16, called the Cave League! Let’s take a look below to learn a bit more about this new league!


New League Information

Right now we have three main group of leagues: Jungle (L1 – L5), Polar (L6 – L10) and Savannah (L11 – L15), we will now introduce the Cave league (L16 – L18). Adding a new league helps us segment better players with more than 20k trophies. It’s also a natural step for the game, since until now, the league 15 went on for more than 10k trophies. The threshold for League 16 is 20k trophies and with the addition of this new league, there are also benefits that come along with it! Once you reach this league you will receive better rewards from:

  1. Crates
  2. Trophy Road



New Offer Bundle!

Today we will also launch a new offer bundle exclusive for league 16! We will also be giving an exclusive Cave League emote if you reach league 16 before March 6th.



And that’s it, Zoobsters! Check out our Facebook Group and Discord Server to join the discussion with our community of players!