The big update 3.0 has arrived at the zoo! This patch brings many exciting things to the zoo, including the new Primal Instincts, our new Character Progression System, and much more! We also have an exciting new loading screen with the Zoobers having some fun in the sun!

Let’s see what else is new!


New System


New Features

  • Weapon Attributes: This allows you to delegate points between the different weapon features of range, cool down reduction, knock back, and velocity.
  • Primal Instincts: These are a new special power unique to each individual character!


New Skins

  • 22 new skins!? Check some out below!

Straight A Betsy! Click for a bigger view!

Chef Nix! Click for a bigger view!

One For All Milo! Click for a bigger view!

Rocker Ollie Skin! Click for a bigger view!


New Level

  • The new maximum level is 17!


UI Update

  • Upgrade Tree

Click for a bigger view!


  • Weapon Attributes

Click for a bigger view!


And that’s it, Zoobsters! Check out our Facebook Group and Discord Server to join the discussion with our community of players!


See you at the zoo!