Hey Zoobsters!


Part 1 of our Events Revamp has arrived and we want to update you on what changes you will experience and who will be able to see this feature after update 3.12.


Now, let’s get to it!


Test Phase

First, we wanted to talk about why some of you may see the new Events Revamp while some of you may not have it yet. In order to ease the transition from our previous events system to this one we are going to first run a Test Phase, which means that only a handful of users will be able to have this new system. A majority of players will not have it available, while only a minor number of players will have it. 



So what exactly are the adjustments that come with the Events Revamp V1 you ask? Well, we created this new system to allow for a more dynamic events system, take a look below for more info on some of the changes! 


  • Tons of currency up for grabs
  • Huge prizes in the Events
  • Exclusive new exclusive content that cannot be obtained anywhere else!!
  • Rewards are segmented by leagues so the more trophies you own, the better the rewards
  • Events will be tailor-made so that everyone gets a chance to win amazing prizes!
  • The goals of the events will be simplified and you will be able to chase the rewards in a more focused way


Main screen with energy!


Introducing Energy Into Events

With the addition of so much exclusive content and the chance to get tons of currency, the addition of Energy is a way to optimize these new events and rewards players based on how much energy they put in to reach the top!

  • In order to participate in events players will need to consume energy
  • The amount of energy required will always be displayed in the “PLAY EVENT” button
  • Once energy is bought, players will join the exact same matchmaking pool as in the standard game mode
  • Playing standard game mode will no longer grant players event points, only paying energy will


Upcoming Live Events V2

There is still more left to come regarding our Live Events Revamp! V2 will be released early next year with more exciting new content and we can’t wait for you to see it! 


See you at the Zoo!