Hey there Zoobsters!


We wanted to start a series where we highlight some community members, and for this first highlight we are featuring just one of our many talented fan artists. Thien, who some of you may also know as Tina the Zoobster, has been creating Zooba fan art for over a year now! Not only does he create awesome fan art, but he also, with the help of other artists in the community, is one of the creators behind Zooba Comics! And now let’s learn a little bit more about Thien!


Artist Introduction: 

My name is Phuoc Thien Nguyen Pham (Thien for short) and I’m from Vietnam. People recognized me as Tinathezoobster at first, but ‘Tina’ is actually my niece’s nickname!


How did you first get into Zooba? 

Long ago, in the dark ages where I was bored the most, my niece dragged me into this game. After a few matches on her account, I got hooked instantly. 


What are some of your favorite Zooba pieces you have done?

This is my very first art in the community, this was also used for the Zooba Fan Art contest back then.


 This is my first contribution to Zooba music, based on Zooba’s theme melody!


These are one of the skin concepts I made while on break!


With a lot of passion towards Zooba, I also decided to make a fan fiction 100% based on this awesome world concept. With the help of Olivia, WindSnake and especially DragonHF, we have made 22 Zooba comic pages so far! We are still releasing new pages so make sure to keep an eye on this! 


What made you get into creating art for Zooba? 

I was admiring Zooba’s unique art style and also curious, so I started looking for the community and found one on Discord. I didn’t take it seriously at first, and as an introvert myself, I used my niece’s nickname in display. Found out there is a #fan-art channel, and I decided to use my arts to communicate with everyone. And thanks to that, I met many awesome friends such as DragonHF, WindSnake, Olivia, Gedilaw, and Divinus!


What is your favourite thing about Zooba? 

Blasting other players with my almighty shotgun!


And that’s it Zoobsters! We hope you enjoyed this very special artist highlight, and a big thank you to Thien for all of your amazing Zooba art! We will be continuing this series by highlighting other people, not just artists that are a part of the Zooba community. Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter channels for future highlights!

See you at the zoo!