Hello, Challengers!

The chill of winter is starting to set in but it’s always hot on the court. Our latest patch brings a whole bundle of fixes and improvements, so let’s get to it!

Club Slam

Your feedback and suggestions have been greatly appreciated in helping us pinpoint areas of improvement and bug fixes for our new social event and we’ve been working hard to add these fixes for when Club Slam returns. We’ll provide information on our social media channels on when Club Slam will be back!


We are aware that matchmaking in Club Slam was causing some uneven results for players and our No.1 priority was improving this.

Now, when you search for a match, the game will look for a player on the same court, same group division, and same maximum player league achieved. We believe this will help even the potential matchups you will encounter, but we will continue to monitor this to help provide a fair and balanced experience for players.

Slow Gameplay

We are aware that players felt the gameplay in Club Slam matches felt slower compared to regular Tour matches. We have reviewed this and we will be applying the same rules as we currently have for regular tour matches; calculated based on player trophies and highest tour and a max slowdown factor capped according to the level cap we apply to the cards.

Club Slam Bug Fixes

– Fixed an issue where players could end up with a negative Gem balance when attempting a retry in Club Slam with a low enough Gem balance.
– Fixed an issue where the Division ranking was showing Beginner when there is no Club Slam cycle
– Fixed an issue where Club Slam would crash on specific Android devices
– Fixed an issue where Gems were incorrectly being spent when not applicable
– Fixed an issue where with 0 Slam Points, other Clubs were incorrectly highlighted with another color
– Fixed an issue where tapping on certain Clubs in Club Slam would cause a soft lock and required closing the app in order to return to the main screen
– Fixed an issue where leaving a Club would cause a pop up to appear on an endless loop when rewards are sent

Other Bug Fixes

– Fixed a UI issue with the Piggybank

And that’s all for now. See you on the court!