Version 3.5 is now available at the stores and here you’ll find the details on what’s changing with this update.



  • Winter Ops: Team Tundra versus Team Frost!
    • 8 Legendary Paint Jobs
      • Typhoon
      • FA-18
      • Rafale
      • SU-21
    • 2 Decals
      • Permafrost Bear
      • Tundra Wolf
    • 1 Pattern


  • Christmas:
    • New Soundtrack
    • 1 Paint Job
    • 1 Pattern
    • 3 Decals
  • New Year:
    • 2 Decals
    • 1 Pattern



  • Sky Cup:
    • Labeled item slots in the rewards details popup
    • Added “Rewards are cumulative” under the rewards title
    • Only show the game mode’s ways to score when pressing the Event Live tag in the game mode selection screen
  • Music: Fixed the issue in which the game music would turn back on once the game started.
  • Notification: Fixed the issue with the red dot notification showing without any new notifications.
  • New feature: We’re testing a new feature in-game and it might not be available to all players yet. This should not cause any impact on gameplay. More news about this in upcoming releases, stay tuned.

That’s it for this update, pilots! We hope you enjoy it and if you wish to share your thoughts on this update or on anything else, please join our channels and talk to us!