Buckle-Up we are cleared for take-off, version 2.7.0 for Sky Warriors is currently being released to the stores! Please keep in mind that it can take some time for the update to be available for you.  This version introduces some graphic changes, a revamp to the Squadron screen, St Patrick’s Day event and more!

Without further ado, let’s have a look at this new patch!


St Patrick’s Day event



Get your green on! Our St Patrick’s Day event is here to get you Shamrocked!


  • The Leprechauns have reworked your hangar. Now it’s fully decorated with the Irish spirit!
  • St Patrick’s Day splash screen added. ”It is through art, and through art only, that we can realise our perfection”
  • Added 3 new Decals: Shamrock (33% Speed), Lucky Top Hat (33% Durability) and Triquetra (33% Firepower). Get your Irish on!
  • Last but not least, your St Patrick’s Day attire!


    • Irish Spirit (Paint Job available for all the planes)
    • Celtic Knots (Exclusive Paint Job for the Eurofighter Typhoon)

Keep an eye on your store, we have special offers for you! May the luck of the Irish be with you!

In-game changes


Clouds: In this update, we are introducing volumetric clouds. These clouds are a new visible feature in both maps. Beyond the visual addition, these clouds will change some phases of gameplay:

  • Clouds protect you from new missile locks. Please note that there is a small delay after flying inside the clouds for the lock immunity to apply.
  • Clouds will not protect you if the missiles have already locked you.
  • Clouds will not protect you from the machine gun.
  • You will still appear on the Radar and HUD.

Squadron screen revamps: The “join a squadron” screen layout and content was changed. When applicable, a countdown is also shown for the next squadron war.

Missile rarities adjusted:

  • Fast, Strong and Tracking missiles were downgraded from rare to common
  • Auto-aim missile was downgraded from epic to rare
  • Cluster missile is still epic.
  • The prices of the missiles were adjusted accordingly.

Sound effects:

  • Added a new song, now every time you start a match it will randomize between the two songs.
  • Added a sound effect for results at the end of the match
  • Several improvements and fixes in sound effects.

Bugs fixed in this version


  • The Libyan flag has been updated
  • Fixed a visual bug where the displayed max speed did not match the aircraft upgrades.
  • The bots will not use expired items from events anymore.
  • You can now skip the loot box opening animation.
  • The side camera will now follow the target for as long as the missile is following it. The camera will be dismissed only after the missile is evaded, destroyed and the target is not locked on anymore.
  • Several device optimizations to improve your overall experience.


Thank you for all the valuable comments you have been sharing with us. Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated, join our channels and talk to us!

We wish you tailwinds and clear skies!