Hey Pilots,

Prepare for take-off, Version 2.0.0 for Sky Warriors is currently being released! In this version, you will find 2 important changes.

We implemented a damage decay to the Machine gun, with this change a distant target will take longer to be destroyed, we believe this introduces a more aggressive close combat gameplay.

Based on player feedback, we added 5 seconds of invulnerability for everyone after respawning. With this change, you will have the time to assess your objectives and jump back in the fight without any risk of receiving damage for the first five seconds.


Other changes

  • New community screen with links to our social media channels and an inbox where you can receive messages from us! 
  • We added the Ukrainian language to the game.
  • Added new music and sound effects to the game
  • Fixed the speed bug: aircraft will be able to reach their intended max speed again

Thank you for all the valuable feedback you have been sharing with us.  Join our channels and talk to us! Feedback from our pilots will always be appreciated in Sky Warriors.

We wish you tailwinds and clear skies!