Hey Pilots, 

You now have the chance to guarantee an exclusive Paint Job for your Aircraft or enjoy the discounted prices available now! The Paint Job Season is available for a limited time, so make sure you check the store as this is a limited-time event.


  • For all aircraft tiers: the standard “Tier 3” Paint Jobs will be available for a discounted price from December 7 until December 11 (23:59 UTC).


  • Only for aircraft tiers 3, 4, and 6: ALL EVENT EXCLUSIVE Paint Jobs will be available from December 11 until December 17 (23:59 UTC).

You can check the list of Paint Jobs available below:


Standard Skins At Discount Prices for All Aircraft

Aircraft Tier 1

Aircraft Tier 2

Aircraft Tier 3

Aircraft Tier 4

Aircraft Tier 5

Aircraft Tier 6

F4 Red Rage

Harrier Bird of Prey

F-14 Star Spangled

F-15 Eagle’s Talon

Eurofighter Typhoon Dark Strike

F-35 Ruby

F5  Gradient

Mig-21 Devourer

Mig-23 Cold Green

F-16 Apex Predator

F/A-18 Thunder Wings

Gripen Aquamarine


Sepecat Covert Operations

Mig-31 Blue Thunder

Mig-29 Northern Alps

Rafale Jungle Ops

SU-30 Malachite


SU-24 Overlord

SU-25 Air Shark

Mirage 2000 Blue Skies

SU-27 Siberian Sky





Premium Seasonal Skins for Selected Aircraft

Aircraft Tier 3

Aircraft Tier 4

Aircraft Tier 6

F-14 Star Of America

F-15 Erupting

F-35 Midnight Spectre F (Legendary)

F-14 Neon Reaper (Legendary)

F-16 Independence Parade

F-35 Heat Wave

Mig-23 Water Oni

Mig-29 Cyber Strike

Gripen Midnight Spectre G (Legendary)

Mig-23 Do or Die

Mirage 2000 Old School Rose

Gripen Sunset

Mig-31 Wind Oni


SU-30 Midnight Spectre S (Legendary)

Mig-31 Fire Oni


SU-30 Black Widow



We hope you enjoy this special event and if you wish to share your thoughts on it or on anything else, please join our channels and talk to us!