Bullying & Harassment

Wildlife Studios is committed towards providing a fun, safe and inclusive environment for all players, and we do not tolerate behaviour that shames, bullies or harasses another player. When an account is found to have posted content considered to be bullying or harassment, it will be subject to actions including but not limited to:

  • Temporary game suspensions
  • Permanent game account closure
  • User or Clan name changes
  • Revoked in-game currency or items

Do not post:

  • Content that insults another person or disparages a person on the basis of attributes such as intellect, appearance, personality traits, or hygiene.
  • Content that encourages coordinated harassment.
  • Content that disparages victims of violent tragedies.
  • Content that wishes death, serious disease, or other serious harm on an individual or public figure.
  • Content that is seen to be deliberately harming or intimidating another person.


Swearing is also not allowed in our apps. It is important to keep in mind that we have players from all over the world, and what may not be harmful to one person could be for another.

Targeted Profanity

Do not post:

  • Content targeting other players with reference to genitalia or anus.
  • Content calling for engagement in sexual activity.
  • Content calling for engagement with faeces, urine or sexual body fluids.
  • Content claims about sexual activity with family members.

Non-targeted profanity

Do not post:

  • Words or phrases that are considered to be vulgar, profane or obscene.
  • References to commonly sexualised body parts in non-medical contexts.
  • Religiously profane terms.
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