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How has it been to see the recruiting process at Wildlife change since I arrived nearly 3 years ago

Mar 16, 2022 4 MIN READ Caroline Cabral

Hi! My name is Caroline and I’ve been Lead Recruiter at Wildlife since June, 2019. Back when I joined the company, we were about 400 employees and the People team was very different from what it is today. Also, the Talent Acquisition team was still undergoing a structuring process to become one strategic, analytical team, with business vision and acting as a Talent Partner alongside Hiring Managers.

Being part of this Talent Acquisition structuring and reformulation process really opened my eyes. In the Brazilian industry, the recruiter is sort of a job seeker and we worked hard to show our real role: we are the company’s eyes on the market. We are the ones who learn about changes in the industry, the plans for other game companies and the first ones to act as intermediaries between applicants and the company. In short, we are a key player in the propagation of the company’s message and image. In addition to that, we receive a large amount of information on the market and its trends on a daily basis and it is up to us to share this content with the teams and discuss our plans as we have an important voice in the company’s decision-making process.

On top of that, Wildlife is a constantly growing company. The games industry has expanded to new remarkable levels in recent years and this has had a direct impact on the niche of mobile games, where Wildlife has grown over the years. During this period, I saw the company double in size, become a unicorn start-up company, open offices in several countries, receive investments and become the dream workplace for many gamers and non-gamers too! All this growth puts us in a dynamic environment filled with fun and with a lot of space for new ideas and improvements or, in other words, the perfect space for those who have a head full of ideas who wish to make a difference in a place that encourages them to do so.

Another really cool point about being part of the recruitment team here is that, as a global company, we have become a really diverse work environment. Sometimes on the same day, I would interview people from Hungary, India, Australia, and China, for example. Having the opportunity to hear these people’s stories and how they somehow impacted the games industry is an incredible opportunity which enabled us to better understand the industry’s history. People are very open to each other in this industry. They enjoy sharing experiences and I’d say that being face to face with the creator of a successful game is very rewarding.

Besides all these situations, I still have the chance to work alongside the best recruiters I’ve ever seen. Wildlife managed to gather around incredibly talented people and build a team willing to make things happen and willing to care about other professionals wanting to be part of our company because we’re always aware of what’s going on around us. I’m talking about people who are there to help each other and work as a team. Every now and then we are assigned job posts from another department, and these opportunities expand our horizons and show us different perspectives within the same ecosystem providing us with nurturing opportunities to learn and grow!

I look forward to what’s ahead of us with great excitement and also pride for what we’ve accomplished so far. I truly believe that I work at one of the best companies in this industry and I know this is only the beginning of a long and exciting journey. The games industry is always expanding and the people I have the chance to share my days with make me want to dedicate myself even more to become even a better person and professional!

Careers, Wilders, Wildlife Mar 16, 2022 Caroline Cabral