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Wildlife at Rio Web Summit 23

May 15, 2023 2 MIN READ Wildlife

Rio de Janeiro, May 15th 2023 – This month, Wildlife Studios joined tech enthusiasts at Rio Web Summit for a unique experience and was invited to host a panel at the renowned event with over 21,000 attendees.


The conference is organized by Web Summit, who runs the world’s largest industry events and gathers half a million people  globally.


Michael Mac-Vicar, CTO and co-founder of Wildlife Studios, gave a presentation in the Full STK auditorium with a full capacity of 400 guests. His message highlighted how our consumer needs and entertainment industry favors Wildlife endeavors. 


Mac-Vicar began his speech with the game industry’s importance. He described the size of it and its relevance. Games topped movies and music in financial revenues: USD 200 billion.


“Compared with the whole movie industry and the music industry, if you combine the two of them, gaming is 2.5 the size of it”, revealed Mac-Vicar.


Our CTO showcased how the industry evolved in the past 11 years. As part of that evolution, he said that “we are starting a new age for game development. Nowadays you don’t need a team of 3.000 people to develop a hit game like GTA. You can build massive worlds with a small team”.


Mac-Vicar detailed the importance of small quads to thrive. “Having a small team of highly skilled and passionate developers is crucial for game development. This is because small teams are more efficient, agile, and flexible. They can quickly adapt to changing market trends, customer preferences, and technology advancements. Additionally, small teams can work closely together, resulting in better communication, collaboration, and a stronger sense of ownership”. 


He also showed how this is crucial for the dynamic nature of the gaming industry. “The timeline between a game being built and its launch needs to be extremely fast. In this industry everything has a time-window, and some are already closing”.


At Rio Web Summit, Wildlife joined companies and media partners such as Google, AWS, Accenture, Nubank, Loggi, Mercado Livre, The New York Times, Globo, GitHub and many others at the 3-day event.

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