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Sniper 3D: Aiming towards the future

May 08, 2023 2 MIN READ Wildlife

Keeping players engaged throughout the years is vital to a great game experience. A next-level experience can include special offers, seasonal content, and game modes that always live up to players’ expectations.


Zeev Reznik, Sniper 3D’s General Manager, discusses what has changed since Sniper 3D first launched over 8 years ago, challenges faced, and how the team makes this mobile classic shooter even better.


Sniper 3D is available for Android on Google’s Play Store and for iOS on Apple’s App Store.


  1. Sniper 3D celebrated its 8th anniversary in 2022. How do you keep players excited and the game successful over the years?

Zeev: That’s a great question. It‘s important to evolve together with the industry, be on top of all trends and to understand what makes our players excited. The Sniper 3D team is constantly offering new features, evolving the game and making sure that we are offering the best experience to our players. Since the Sniper 3D launch 8 years ago, we are constantly improving so the player will always find new challenges. 


The challenges have changed as the mobile gaming industry evolved as a whole and the shooting genre, which S3D is part of, changed specifically. S3D as a leading sub-genre (Sniping) needs to follow the trend, especially from gameplay mechanics, live ops and game design.


  1. What does Sniper3D have planned for 2023? 

Zeev: We are adding different types of content that will complement our main game content, which are the weapons and gears. We already added to the mix special patterns & decals and we are aiming to add a few more surprises that will change mainly our PvP experience. Nevertheless we aim to revamp our PvE area with new experience and challenges 


  1. Any final message to the Sniper 3D audience?

Zeev: We strive to improve our user experience and bring daily excitement to the game. We want S3D players to know that there is a dedicated team that looks out for them and is working around the clock to improve the experience of the game and also looking to bring new excitement all the time.

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