Sky Warriors wins 6 prizes at Nyx Awards

Feb 09, 2023 1 MIN READ Wildlife

Wildlife Studios’ successful fighter jet game has just recently won its second award in a row at the Nyx Game Awards 2022, a world-class competition focused on celebrating creative excellence in gaming ranging from AAA to indie titles. In a first round of awards, Sky Warrior won Silver in categories such as “Best Music”, “Best Audio Design”, and “Best Visual Art”, which would be impressive by itself.


But these wings were made for flying higher: while competing against several other titles, Sky Warriors won Gold in categories including “Best War Game”, “Best Experience”, and “Best Performance”.



After the W3 Awards, this is the second time Wildlife participates in a major web competition and wins gold with one of its main titles. In 2022, Wildlife’s relevance and potential became even cleared considering other remarkable titles which participated and won awards, including Dying Light 2: Stay Human“, “Beatstar”, “LEGO Star Wars: Castaways”, “Love & Pies”, “Moss: Book II”, “The Last of Us Part II”, “Temtem”.


Sky Warriors is available for Android on Google’s Playstore and for iOS on Apple’s Appstore.

Wildlife Feb 09, 2023 Wildlife